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Experience-Japan is a registered non profitable organization mirroring the sociological believes of Japan via motivational workshops, seminars and events etc.
Experience-Japan is working actively for the same since December 2011 and organized many workshops and events and catered in many cities of India such as New Delhi, Kurukshetra, Panipat, Nagpur and many more via our online and onsite facilities.

Japanese language education in India has experienced a boom in the early 21st century, helping it to begin to catch up with foreign languages more traditionally popular among Indians, such as French and German.
Japanese is popularly studied in Asian part of the globe and here in India people tend to learn Japanese as a third language to build a career out of it. Hence, it is also seen that people learn and acquire Japanese as a language to learn and gain knowledge of Japanese culture.
The importance of Japanese is beneficial regardless if you do it for fun or for your career or even just for personal travel.
Several reason exists for how importance of Japanese language is in the grand scheme of things. One reason is that knowing Japanese bringing various business opportunities worldwide as well as being a gateway to learning and understanding other Asian languages and cultures. Japanese presence and culture are growing all over the world as well online. Japanese is also one of the most extensive in its use of politeness and honor as well as any other form of expression. Studying Japanese should be in trying something different and joining one of the great languages of the world.
We aim at opening barriers for employment prospects, henceforth bringing affirmative changes in the society as a whole.

We work to provide opportunities to explore Japan ‘on line’ and ‘on site’.

  • Free e-learning for all
  • Providing opportunities to explore Japan to everyone via giving a free access to our website, where anyone can learn a lot about Japan, Japanese language, culture, traditions via reading various articles. Even they can share their knowledge and thoughts about Japan.
  • Access to our search engine helps everyone to find out Japanese companies, restaurants, hotels etc. across the globe.
  • We offer free Japanese language lessons, assignments, notes etc. to those who are willing to learn Japanese language.
Those who have already learned Japanese language, they can get more information about Japan, JLPT etc. Also, they can evaluate their Japanese language skills via appearing in our Japanese language online test.
On Site:
  • Organize Japanese language Workshops & Seminars
  • Provide Japanese language training, trainers & resources
  • Organize cultural events